Thermoplastic powder coating


The main advantages of Grafix thermoplastic coatings (TP Grafix further) are their unique protective and performance properties:

Corrosion protection
They are completely non-wetting and protect the metal from corrosion much better than thermosetting paints. That is why they are used for painting products operating in harsh climatic conditions (exposure to sea water, sun, sand, sharp temperature fluctuations, chemical reagents). Under such conditions, polyester and epoxy coatings deteriorate very quickly

Organics protection
TP Grafix has a more continuous surface, so on such a surface is very slow (many years) multiplication of plants, mosses, fungal spores, microorganisms and germs. Even after prolonged use, they have a beautiful appearance.

Acid protection
By their chemical nature, they are polyolefins, i.e. they do not contain or emit harmful components: phenols, isocyanates and heavy metals. They are chemically inert materials, which leads to their high resistance to chemical reagents, acids, alkalis, solvents, detergents.

Food contact
Due to their chemical inertness and lack of harmful volatile components, they are used for painting food equipment and plumbing parts. The coatings are approved for contact with food and drinking water.

Tactile sensation
TP Grafix creates a very pleasant tactile sensation (“warm to the touch”). All products that a person picks up are better stained with thermoplastic. The coating creates the same pleasant feel as a wooden product. In addition, the coating has little wear and tear and is easy to clean. Therefore, it is used to paint various railings, handrails, door handles, benches, sports equipment, wheelchairs, etc.

Low temperature protection
Their unique property is their record of frost resistance to -60 C, which allows their use in the Arctic and in freezers.

Uv protection
Polyolefins practically do not absorb UV radiation, so the resistance of coatings to UV radiation is much higher than that of thermoset paints.

Graffiti protection
Chemical inertness of the material determines the inertness of its surface. Therefore, the surface is poorly adhered to: stickers, paint (graffiti), easily washed away all the inscriptions and dust. These properties, combined with unique shock resistance and maintainability, allowed to use it in public places. The coating has a well-deserved reputation as an “anti-vandal” coating and is used in public places, bus stop pavilions, where this problem is quite acute. Safety – TP Grafix does not contain lead, cadmium, mercury or chromium (IV) as ingredients. This powder is not classified as hazardous cargo for land, sea and air transport, which makes it easy to deliver.

Applying and repairingАfter Grafix TPs are applied to metal, there are no chemical reactions in them, only a melting and curing process. Therefore, the process is reversible and the paints are repairable. To remove defects on their surface, it is sufficient to melt the products and the surface will return to its original state. Such a transformation is not possible with a product that is painted with thermosetting paint. Therefore, this coating must be completely removed, dismantled and repainted.

Thermoplastic powder coating is a new level of powder coating.

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