The curing oven of the powder paint


The curing oven of the powder paint

One of the main elements of a powder coating workshop is a curing oven (hereinafter referred to as CO).

Our company has accumulated extensive experience in the application and design of furnaces of various designs, both for our own production and for third-party customers. Having started our activity with the equipment purchased from one of the leading manufacturers of such equipment in Ukraine, we found it necessary to design our own equipment which best meets our technical requirements. Availability of our own paint shop (4 paint shops and shot blasting area), as well as a huge range of painted products allowed us to gain invaluable practical experience in the operation of CO of various designs and use the experience gained in the design and manufacture of CO for ourselves and our customers.

The curing oven must meet the following requirements:

Although seemingly simple, COs can differ significantly from one another, both in design and heating methods.


Types of stoves

There are the following basic types of stoves:

1. For large-batch painting, as a rule, are designed for feeding the painted products by conveyor systems, in one row:

2. For small batch and single-piece painting, it is usually possible to hang the parts to be painted in several rows, which increases the efficiency of the furnace volume:

According to the method of curing oven are divided into the following types (basic):

According to the type of used energy carriers CO are divided into:

CO with heat generators operating on hydrocarbon fuel (gas, fuel oil, diesel fuel). Such furnaces, in turn, are divided into two main categories:

CO operating on electricity, which are also divided into two large groups:

In order to increase temperature uniformity in furnaces with convective heating it is recommended to use recirculation of heated air. The recirculation function makes it easy to organize CO degassing without large additional costs.

When designing (ordering) CO, you should also consider the method of loading the furnaces:

Designing CO our experts can take into account all the features of your order to make your production highly profitable, and equipment convenient and easy to use.

Currently, our company accepts orders for the manufacture of any design of CO, taking into account all the features of the technical specifications.

Construction materials

Powder-coated steel sheet, galvanized steel inside

Insulation material:
Mineral fiber 100 or 150 mm thick

Heating type:
Electric heating elements


Additional Information

Payment method:
50% – advance payment, 50% – before shipment from the contractor’s warehouse.

Terms of Delivery:
Terms of delivery EXW Incoterms 2010, under a separate agreement possible conditions FCA.

The installation is carried out by Grafix company with the help of the customer’s employees (minimum 5 people). Term of work execution is 1-5 days.

Guarantee 12 months
Post-Guarantee service is available by additional agreement.

How to order

Request for equipment can be sent to:

Contact phone number: +38 (093) 36 171 36

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