Sputtering chamber with filter aspiration


Paint booths make it possible to limit the powder spraying area on the product and create air flows in the working area that comply with sanitary standards.

The body of the paint booth consists of a supporting frame and sheeting.

Type of chamber – through or dead-end.

Depending on the design, the booth has one or two work stations. The arrangement of the working stations of the two-station spray booths is a roller arrangement.

The booth is designed for installation of a hanger-type transport system, which ensures movement of the ladders with painted parts from the loading place into the booth and further into the curing oven.

High-power dust-proof LED lights are installed along the edges of the work stations.

The cost of one changeable filter for the spraying booth (900 x 380 mm) is $35, excluding VAT.



Additional Information

Payment method:
50% – advance payment, 50% – before shipment from the contractor’s warehouse.

Terms of Delivery:
Terms of delivery EXW Incoterms 2010, under a separate agreement possible conditions FCA.

The installation is carried out by Grafix company with the help of the customer’s employees (minimum 5 people). Term of work execution is 1-5 days.

Guarantee 12 months
Post-Guarantee service is available by additional agreement.

How to order

Request for equipment can be sent to: grafix.in.ua@gmail.com

Contact phone number:  +38 (093) 36 171 36

Or leave a request