Shot blasting (sandblasting) ejector booth


The ejector blast cabin is a sealed steel construction with an ejector system for forming the abrasive-air mixture and a process air filter.



Working chamber dimensions:
Approx. 1350 x 1100 x 1070 (mm)

Dust-proof, vacuum-proof, made of steel, powder-coated

20 Watt

Door opening size 990×1000 mm

Work gloves:
Wear-resistant rubber, antistatic, lined inside

Ejection gun:
Blast gun with 6.00 mm nozzle, air and suction hoses

Abrasive regeneration:
The rotation of the fan impeller creates a vacuum, so that the mixture of dust and abrasive from the inner space of the working chamber enters the cyclone, where due to the centrifugal forces the abrasive particles are moved to the walls of the housing and enter the cone part. A metering device is installed in the conical part of the cyclone, thanks to which the cleaned abrasive is returned to the working process.

Dusty air passes through the fabric filter, is finally purified and enters the workshop room.

Benefit: high cleaning capacity, the result – continuous and uniform cleaning of the surface, low consumption of abrasive, the unit with a dust plug.

Ventilation device:
Electric motor power, 1,5 kW
Air cleaning capacity, 1500 m³/h
Inlet pressure, 1460 Pa
Total noise level, 72 dB.

Fabric filter.
Degree of purification, 95%.

Control Unit:
switch (Start/Stop) for fan and lights, compressed air pressure regulator with pressure gauge.

380 V

Additional Information

Payment method:
50% – advance payment, 50% – before shipment from the contractor’s warehouse.

Terms of Delivery:
Terms of delivery EXW Incoterms 2010, under a separate agreement possible conditions FCA.

The installation is carried out by Grafix company with the help of the customer’s employees (minimum 5 people). Term of work execution is 1-5 days.

Guarantee 12 months
Post-Guarantee service is available by additional agreement.

How to order

Request for equipment can be sent to:

Contact phone number: +38 (093) 36 171 36.

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