Powder paint


Powder paint is an excellent substitute for liquid paints, which gives reliable protection of the surface and gives an excellent appearance not only to products made of metal, but also glass and ceramics.

Powder paint contains no harmful substances, it is not toxic and perfectly adheres to the surface, providing a uniform coating for many years.

Our company is the official distributor of powder paints of the Turkish manufacturer.

Thanks to powder coatings, it is possible to give products different textures. Such as:

Powder paints can be with different effects:

The list of products that can be painted with powder paints is quite wide. It is possible to paint with powder paints:

There are powder paints for both interior and exterior use. We will advise you, based on our own experience, what paints “behave” in polymerization, what are the nuances of application of this or that paint.

We can bring to order any paint that is possible. We have more than 1000 items of different colors and structures in our own warehouse.

We can help you solve all your questions quickly and with attention. We sell from 1 kg, we send by mail all over Ukraine, we check the quality of paint at our production facilities.


How to order

Request for equipment can be sent to:  grafix.callcenter@gmail.com

Contact phone number: +38 (093) 36 171 36

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