Powder coating of doors and metal


With this set of equipment, you can provide full-service painting services.

Buy a complete powder coating system and save 37%!



The paint station kit includes:

  1. The curing oven – which can be convection or infrared, is designed for melting and curing of powder materials applied on the product to be painted. The size of the furnace can be any size according to the customer’s request.
  2. Transport system – for the moving of the products. The transport system, which is at the same time the accumulator of products with powder applied to them, allows the continuous painting process, which significantly increases the productivity of the painting work.

    A variety of transport systems are quickly and easily assembled from prefabricated parts and modules, solving the task of transporting a wide range of parts, varying in size and weight in any room.
  1. Spray booths – allow to limit the powder spraying area on the product and create in the working area air flows corresponding to the sanitary standards.

    The body of the spray booth consists of a supporting frame and sheeting. At the edges of the working apertures there are lights, sockets for connection of paint guns, filters-regulators of compressed air.

  1. Paint sprayers– Manual tribostatic sprayer and/or Electrostatic unit

In an 8-hour shift, a team of 4 workers can paint metal products with a total area of 100 square meters.

Each kit is made taking into account all the wishes of the customer.

More than 100 sets all over Ukraine and Europe already bring profit to our customers

Additional Information

Payment method:
50% – advance payment, 50% – before shipment from the contractor’s warehouse.

Terms of Delivery:
Terms of delivery EXW Incoterms 2010, under a separate agreement possible conditions FCA.

How to order

Request for equipment can be sent to: grafix.in.ua@gmail.com

Contact phone number: +38 (093) 36 171 36

Or leave a request.