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Success story of a small company that became the leader of Eastern Ukraine in powder coating

Grafix company has existed on the market for more than 7 years, and during this time it has become the leader of Eastern Ukraine in powder coating according to the National Business Rating of 2015.

More than 65 million painted square meters and four leader galuzi awards (2012 and 2015-2017) are the result of the daily painstaking work of a team of professionals.

Grafix has two main lines of business. The first is the production of powder coating equipment. The second is the sale of a turnkey business using a franchise.

Equipment customers in Ukraine

Equipment customers in Ukraine
 “We made mistakes and corrected them, constantly worked on improving business processes, and today we can confidently say that the business is established, and our success can be repeated with much lower expenditure of resources,” says Sergey Pylipiv, head of the company.

 How to do it? It’s easy to get a Grafix franchise.

“Franchise is a big program, thanks to which we make the industry competitive and constantly developing. We don’t just sell equipment, we sell a ready-made business, ”Sergey continues.

As part of the franchise, Grafix works with the franchisee in many areas at once.

1. In the block "Technology" experience and knowledge are transferred:

- The technological process of powder coating of any product.

- Technological maps of production processes.

- Plans for the work of workshops.

2. In the block “Management and training”, such processes are delegated as:

- Training of administrative and working personnel in separate programs.

- Description of enterprise business processes and workflow.

- Job responsibilities.

- An automated production accounting program based on 1C.

Franchise Infographics

3. In the “Key Indicators” block, training is underway in such areas as:

- Production plans.

- Key financial performance indicators.

- Costing and accounting of orders.

- The payroll and other costs of the enterprise.


4. In the "Marketing" block, support is provided in:

- Attracting and retaining new customers at the lowest price.

- Advertising campaigns to promote.

- SMM marketing and finished site.



The Grafix franchise is an opportunity to acquire a ready-made, successful and most importantly - your own business. Comprehensive support of the parent company saves time, money and avoids mistakes at the initial stage of formation, during which 95% of startups go bankrupt.

 To be sure that you want to start your business with Grafix, you need to make sure that this company is not an intermediary, but really a professional in their field.

 Grafix manufactures equipment of any level of complexity and specialization. The company supplies not only individual pieces of equipment, but also installs powder coating conveyor lines of various capacities and tasks, individually approaching the development of each order. Activities are carried out not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.

 Grafix offers the market spraying chambers on filters and cyclones, heating and infrared polymerization furnaces, various types of blasting and washing systems, shot blasting machines, spray guns, decorating equipment and much more.

powder coating process

Developments of engineers and technologists are copyrighted, because the team is constantly working to satisfy any request and individually approach each customer.

 Of course, Grafix also produces various products, as Test equipment on its own experience and improve it.

 “Each part successively goes through all the stages necessary for high-quality painting: from shot blasting and chemical surface preparation to baking in polymerization furnaces. All stages are carried out on domestic Grafix equipment developed and manufactured in Kharkov, ”says production manager Vladimir Nadtochy.

 Grafix is constantly improving. At the moment, a new type of stoves is being developed - on pilot fuel. This will significantly reduce energy costs. Technologists are also thinking about how to modernize furnaces already installed at enterprises for new opportunities.

 Despite the development and continuous improvement, the main value of Grafix are people, as well as a simple desire to make the world brighter, more beautiful and happier. And this means that there are still many peaks ahead, thanks to which Ukraine will be able to keep up to date and compete with confidence in the global powder coating market.

 Do you still doubt which business to invest in? Grafix is the correct answer.