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10 tips for choosing the right powder coating equipment


  1. Decide on the products that will be painted: maximum dimensions, the number of products per shift. The internal dimensions of the equipment must correspond to the products. A certain margin for the future is possible.
  2.  Premise: it should contain - equipment (layout), a small paint warehouse (5 square meters), a warehouse for products preparing for painting. The supplied power to the site should be with a 20% margin in kW and other energy carriers. It is advisable to choose a heated room with good floors.
  3. Polymerization furnace: Tena or IR, electricity or gas? Choose electricity or gas based on availability. Gas is currently cheaper, but for how long? The cost of a gas burner furnace is 2 times more expensive than an electric one. IR heating is very specific and is used in highly specialized places. It shows itself well in drying chambers. The most common and affordable option for heating in furnaces is tena.
  4. Spraying chamber: cyclone or filter?
  5. The cyclone is good when you rarely change the color of the paint (day, week), due to the difficulties of cleaning powder paint.
  6. For frequent color changes it is better to order a spraying chamber on the filters and additional filters for running colors. These cameras are cheaper than cyclones.
  7. Atomizer: tribostatic atomizer or electrostatic unit?
  8. An electrostatic unit is used to paint any order quantities and paints containing metallic particles (metallic and antique).
  9. The tribostatic spray gun is the optimal solution for small and medium spray areas. He better paints hard to reach places and corners. It is easy to apply paint to any materials. Another plus of the tribostatic atomizer is its price, which is 10 times lower than the price of installations.
  10. Transport system: conveyor, overhead rail system or overhead trolley?
  11. The conveyor line is the most productive paint system. But it involves painting the same type of product. The color change on the lines takes several hours, and the launch of the line requires high energy costs.
  12. The upper rail system is an intermediate option for price and performance, between the conveyor and the hand truck. Suitable for large and small volumes of painting and heavy products.
  13. Hanging trolley - the basic version of the product transportation system. In it, products from the spraying chamber are manually suspended on a trolley in a baking oven. When outweighing, there is a high probability of damaging the paint layer.
  14. Surface preparation: hand-wiping, washing, bathing or sandblasting?
  15. The most common method of preparation in Ukraine is manual degreasing, due to its cheapness and simplicity.
  16. Sinks and bathtubs work better on clean products of the same type. Rusty metal from our metal depots, before washing, must be cleaned mechanically.
  17. The best option for obtaining a quality prepared product is bead-blasting or sandblasting, it removes all rust and old paint.
  18. Decide on the supplier: availability of technical conditions (TU) for equipment, customer reviews, own working paint sites.
  19. Installation, service support, warranty.
  20. A good manufacturer has installation, an obligatory stage in the work.
  21. The presence of employees who can quickly answer all questions.
  22. Warranty should be at least 1 year.
  23. Availability of training opportunities from the supplier. If he can’t teach, this may mean that there will be problems with painting.
  24. Experience saves customers money.


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