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  • Success story of a small company that became the leader of Eastern Ukraine in powder coating

    Grafix company has existed on the market for more than 7 years, and during this time it has become the leader of Eastern Ukraine in powder coating according to the National Business Rating of 2015.

  • 10 tips for choosing the right powder coating equipment

    How to choose the right equipment for powder coating

  • 10 reasons to open a powder coating business

    Reasons to Open a Powder Coating Business

  • Other paint methods

    The main method of applying powder paints is the electrostatic spray method. Other methods, such as application in a fluidized bed, electrostatic fluidized bed, jet, flame spraying, are used much less.

  • An apparatus for supplying powder

    Description of types and designs of equipment intended for coating.

  • Powder coating methods and equipment used

    Powder paints are applied to parts either by electrostatic spraying, or by immersion in a fluidized bed (with or without particle electrification), or by flame spraying

  • Safety

    In general, the process of applying coatings of powder paints is safer than staining with liquid paints. Coating equipment is much less dangerous, and the harmfulness of powder materials is less than liquid paints.

  • Determining the number of zones in installations

    The number of zones in the washing units is determined by the requirements for the finished coating. First of all, the conditions of its operation are taken into account. The most important indicators are adhesion and corrosion resistance.

  • Methods of transportation and storage of powder paints

    When buying, storing and transporting paints, as well as when obtaining coatings from them, you need to know the behavior of these powder materials and the rules for handling them.

  • Equipment used for surface preparation

    The selection of the necessary equipment for surface preparation is one of the most important tasks in obtaining coatings based on powder paints.

  • Chemical methods of surface preparation

    Description of preparation methods for applying powder paints.

  • Characterization of industrial types of paints

    There are several types of powder polyester paints used on a commercial scale: polyester-urethane, polyester, cured with triglycidyl isocyanurate (TGIC), and their other varieties.

  • Applications for powder paints

    The list of products that can be painted with powder paints is quite wide. There are industries where the rate of consumption of powder paints is growing particularly rapidly.

  • Powder coatings

    Powder materials are a significant discovery of the 20th century in paint technology. They were designed to provide reliable protection and give a beautiful appearance to products, as well as solve the environmental problem in the field of coatings.

  • Equipment requirements

    The choice of technological equipment is one of the main points in the organization of production. Equipment is selected taking into account many factors.

  • Production room requirements

    When designing and building a painting site or workshop using powder paints and varnishes, the necessary requirements for the room in which the production equipment will be placed should be taken into account.