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Lose 100 m2 / shift without upgrading the oven with IR heating

Developing and networking at Grafix, I often visit world exhibitions. In March 2017, at the Lakokraska exhibition, I met a very educated and sociable leader of a foreign company. It produces thermoplastic paint - thermoplastic. He is interested in the new IR heating technology.

We use it in ovens and dryers in powder coating lines.

The IR system primarily heats the metal, which allows to increase the productivity of the lines and reduce the cost of heating. Over the next month, we sent them a small sample oven. Internal size 0.5x0.5x0.5m with the possibility of decorating samples for the structure of a tree.

In the summer of 2017, they developed a new 3m 66kW oven for the showroom. It included power adjustment, a reinforced floor trolley for 2 tons and a lightweight suspension system, the ability to change the number of heating sources, an electric meter, automatic air flow control, a reinforced frame for frequent transport by any transport, double wall insulation.

The presentation brought together more than 30 representatives of the country by customers - owners and managers of factories, equipment and paint dealers, and of course, our partners.

Everyone really liked it and Grafix received new orders.