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Grafix provides flame coating services.

This is a new technology in the application of anti-corrosion coatings and an alternative to powder coating for large-sized structures at the place of their location without dismantling.

What we paint with the flame spraying method:

Our benefits:

  • possibility to perform spraying on place without dismantling of construction;
  • the unit is compact, runs on propane-butane and compressed air – no need for electricity;
  • coating Guarantee for more than 5 years;
  • easy repair of the damaged area;
  • quick result – newly painted surfaces immediately after cooling are ready for use;
  • the spraying system is environmentally safe (there is no emission of harmful substances into the environment);
  • the used propane-butane gas is the safest in combustion.

Ordering Form:

In order to calculate the cost of flame painting, call +380933617136 and our specialists will calculate your request within 10 minutes. Or you can send your request by e-mail: Be sure to include your name and phone number in the letter so that we can ask follow-up questions if necessary.

Grafix will help you implement the full cycle of metal fabrication:

  • Product design and development;
  • Laser cutting and bending;
  • Turning and milling work;
  • Welding work;
  • Assembly work;
  • Shot blasting (sandblasting);
  • Matting;
  • Powder coating;
  • Packaging the finished product;
  • Delivery of the product all over Ukraine and abroad.

A request for flame painting can be sent to the email address:

Contact phone: +38 (093) 36 171 36

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