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Transport systems are one of the most important elements of the paint line, and in many respects determine the efficiency of use as the paint equipment complex itself , and the effective use of existing production facilities. There are a fairly large number of options for transport systems, both floor and suspended. The choice of transport systems option is purely individual and is determined by a rather large number of conditions for a particular production. The main tasks of any transport systems are:

  • moving painted products between production sites;
  • creation of accumulation zones and sludge zones.

It should be noted right away that conveyor-type transport systems, both manual and automatic, are economically viable only for serial and large-scale production. For paint shops with a wide range of products, both the size and quantity are characterized by the use of three main types of transport systems:

  • cross outboard transport systems;
  • suspended pendulum transport systems;
  • floor trolleys.

Cross pendant transport systems are the most popular for the following reasons:

  • the ability to move the product to be painted from the preparation site to the exit to the shipment zone without intermediate re-weighing of the product, which is especially important for products of large mass and dimensions;
  • great flexibility in the use of transport rails and the creation of zones of accumulation and sludge;
  • low requirements for the floor condition of the workshop (in contrast to transport systems with trolleys).

Pendulum suspended transport systems are the simplest and cheapest, but they also have certain disadvantages

  • the need to transfer painted products (cassettes or nets with products) from the spraying chamber to the pendulum carriage of the polymerization furnace;
  • difficulties when working with bulky and heavy products.

Transport systems with floor trolleys, although the most affordable, can only be used with high-quality floor coverings that are resistant to high temperatures and shock loads, which greatly limits the use of transport systems of this type.