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Surface blasting chamber

When creating or reconstructing a powder coating area with powder coatings, it is necessary, first of all, to select the technology and method of preparing the surface of the products before painting. There are mechanical and chemical methods for surface preparation. Mechanical methods have a number of limitations in application, this is due to the fact that only the surface corrosion layer can be removed by a mechanical method, while a large number of untouched corrosion centers remain in the metal pores and in places difficult to process.

Chemical methods of surface preparation are more effective, and often more cost-effective, since they allow you to process products of any shape and complexity, are easy to automate and provide a high surface quality for painted products, while the influence of the human factor on the quality of processing is significantly reduced.



Complete chemical preparation includes thorough cleaning of the surface and the formation of a high-quality conversion layer on it. Chromate or phosphate conversion layers may form on the metal depending on the type of chemicals used.

The conversion layer, being an intermediate between the metal surface and the paintwork provides enhanced adhesion of the paintwork due to chemical and physical bonds, as well as additional protection against corrosion.

The following is a complete cycle of chemical surface preparation:

  • degreasing;
  • flushing;
  • deoxidation;
  • flushing;
  • applying a conversion layer;
  • flushing;
  • flushing with demineralized water;
  • passivation;
  • drying.

Since far from every production can afford a complete preparation cycle for economic reasons, it is possible to use a limited preparation cycle, in which combined surface preparation is applied using both mechanical (cleaning), manual degreasing, and chemical treatment:

  • degreasing and applying a conversion layer;
  • flushing.

That allows you to get by with only two training cameras.

There are complex chemical solutions that allow applying the conversion layer to both ferrous metals and aluminum alloys.

We can offer our customers both through-passage and dead-end preparation chambers where the spraying method of working solutions is used. The washing and phosphating chambers are equipped with automatic control of processing time, monitoring the level of solutions in containers, monitoring the temperature of solutions, and accordingly the heating solution of working solutions.

In each individual case, various methods for creating a low-waste surface preparation technology can be envisaged. The choice of the required technology for wastewater treatment or their regeneration is determined by the developers together with the customer of the equipment.

The choice of surface preparation technology is a crucial stage in the organization of painting work, as it largely determines the quality of the future paintwork PC and should be made with the assistance of qualified specialists. Only such an approach can ensure high quality PC and a given product life.

The cameras are made of corrosion resistant materials.

Reliable imported pumps are used.