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IR drying

Infrared drying chamber

Designed to remove residual moisture from the surfaces of products after chemical treatment processes. According to the technological process, it is installed after the washing chamber. The camera uses infrared (IR) heating. 1 kW emitters.

The advantages of infrared drying systems are as follows:

  • Significantly lower power of the power supply system (approximately 25-30%) compared with convection-type dryers.
  • The accelerated process, there is no temporary loss of air heating, the surface of the product immediately heats up and evaporates the residual moisture. Compared to any convection oven, at least 20% faster.
  • A wide control range, due to the flexible regulation of the power of the emitters, which allows you to dry even thin-walled metals that are subject to geometric transformation during heat treatment.
  • In comparison with TENOVA drying - infrared consumes 30-50% less electricity in one identical cycle
  • The inertialessness of short-wavelength radiators provides high accuracy and sensitivity of the thermal stabilization mode.
  • A wide range of infrared drying temperatures allows heating products up to 250 ° C.