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On filters

Powder paint spraying chambers on filters

Coloring chambers allow you to limit the spraying area of powder paints on the product and create airflows in the coverage area that comply with sanitary standards. The body of the spray booth consists of a supporting frame and sheathing sheets. Depending on the version, the camera has one or two working openings (for painters) and two loading ones. The location of the working openings is valenny.The camera is designed to be installed by a transport system of a suspended type, with independent parallel paths that allow carts with painted parts to be moved from the place of loading into the chamber and further into the polymerization oven.

Luminaires, sockets for connecting spray guns, compressed air filter regulators are installed along the edges of the working openings. The cost of one replaceable filter for the spraying chamber (900 x 380 mm) is 35 conventional units