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On cyclones

Cameras for powder spraying paint on cyclones

Painting chambers make it possible to limit the spraying area of powder paints on the product and create air flows in the working area that comply with sanitary standards.

The body of the spray booth consists of a supporting frame and sheathing sheets.

Depending on the version, the camera has one or two working openings (for painters) and two loading ones. The location of the working openings is valenny.

Type of camera - walk-through.

The camera is designed to be installed by a transport system of a suspended type, with independent parallel paths that allow carts with painted parts to be moved from the place of loading into the chamber and further into the polymerization oven.

Along the edges of the working openings, lamps, sockets for connecting spray guns, and filter-regulators of compressed air are installed.

Powder spray booths

Powder spray booths in combination with polymerization ovens make up a complex of equipment used to create powder paint coatings on the surface. In the chamber, the process of applying paint to the surface takes place, and in the oven this settled layer is baked. Using this technology allows you to get high-quality environmentally friendly coating with the economical use of materials.

The composition of any powder spray booth includes a spray booth and a recuperator. By design, all devices are divided into dead-end, walk-through, one- and two-post, with the placement of paint stations on one or on different sides of the spray booth. The recuperator is used in order to prevent the spread of paint outside the paint booth to the production room, the collection of not settled material and its direction for reuse, as well as to clean the air that leaves the spraying chamber. In some cases, an electromechanical drive is included in the spray booth kit to move workpieces inside the spray booth. Using this equipment allows you to maximize the deposition of paint on the substrate, and also makes it possible to prevent the spread of paint from the application area.

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