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The best electrostatic sprayer Gema

Unmatched universal electrostatic atomizer. It processes powders of any quality, non-bonded “metallic”, powders of high humidity, metallized protective primers, thermoplastics and glass ceramics. Minimum load of 200 grams. Two-post option: 2S or S + W

The spray gun is equipped with a new flat-slot (fan-shaped) nozzle. The length of the spray hose is 6 m (removing the gun from the supply tank). Injector sleeve 2 pcs. Technical description and detailed operating instructions in Russian.

Main advantages of the equipment:
- the highest powder transfer coefficient (PBM mode)
- a large assortment for optimal equipment selection
- the patented DVC digital powder valve technology
- mode precise control of PCC charging in the range from 0 to 10 mA
- injector suction angle increased to 135º
- self-diagnosis system and operating hours counter

On March 7, 2019, the Swiss company Gema introduced the fourth generation of digital systems for powder coating in an electrostatic field with the OptiFlex ® Pro series. The entire range of manual equipment consists of 25 different modules for application, designed to achieve optimal results depending on the production conditions and tasks.
The CG21 control unit, GM04 gun and IG07 injector (AP01.1 pump) form the basic basis in the configuration of each module, where these elements are combined with various intake tanks and devices depending on the number of jobs, as well as the volume, type and color scheme of the powder.

Today, Gema introduces the most advanced powder coating systems on the world market. By the effectiveness of the application, this equipment has no analogues. This can be easily verified by conducting a comparative demonstration of the OptiFlex ® Pro simultaneously with any manual system of another manufacturer (NORDSON, WAGNER, ELECTRON, Nautech, etc.).

Gema's high-tech modules are designed for continuous and continuous operation in industrial applications. In the absence of gross mechanical damage, a long and trouble-free operation of the equipment is guaranteed. The life of the spray gun in the high-voltage cascade is at least 10 years. Official warranty: 2 years from the date of commissioning of the equipment. Each client is provided with unlimited and free consulting support. Equipment prices are set individually in each case, depending on the configuration, form of payment and the cost of transport services.