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Grafix Sprayer

Manual tribostatic powder sprayer

Package Contents :

  • air gun;
  • 0.5kg paint tank;
  • spray barrel;

The tribostatic spraying device is designed for applying a polymer coating to surfaces of complex shape (corners, kinks, pipes, mesh, wire structures and hidden surfaces), as well as a simple shape (plane). It is most convenient when working with small batches, with small products, with large-sized products, as well as when painting products with increased requirements for cleanliness and uniformity of coating.

The simplicity of the sprayer design determines its high performance:

  • Resistance to mechanical stress (damage).
  • Easy and complete disassembly of the sprayer (quick cleaning from clogging and quick change of paint).
  • Ease of quality and quantity regulation (spraying speed).
  • The presence of one supply pipe (hose) with unlimited length determines the high mobility of the sprayer.
  • Lack of electrical elements.

Parameter Names Unit. Value
Nominal Performance m 2 / min 1-2.5
Compressed air pressure MPa 0.1-0.25
Air consumption, no more m 3 / hour 3
Mass of a spray with a tribostrel, no more kg 0.6
Specific charge of powder paint Mk Pendant / gr 3