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Workout Sports Complexes - a new direction in fitness!

Workout settings for sports are a form of street fitness that has long gained unprecedented popularity abroad. Today, such classes begin to form a separate sport.

Street Workout is a combination of athletics, strength and gymnastic exercises without weights , whose goal is to improve endurance and increase muscle strength . The development of this direction in sports has an excellent perspective among the younger generation. Due to its accessibility, everyone can try and develop Workout classes, which significantly increases the priority of a healthy lifestyle.

By the way, the first manifestations of such fitness were back in Soviet times, when every yard was equipped with sports fields with various horizontal bars, crossbars, etc.

Today the equipment of the Workout platform includes a number of static simulators , which are part of the global competition program.

On our website you can order sports equipment in a complete assembly or purchase some of its elements: various types of bars; classic and cascading horizontal bar; Swedish walls uneven crossbeams; bars; benches for doing exercises on the abs.

The horizontal bar can be installed at any height using clamps. You can assemble any complex as a constructor!

Own production with colorful workshops allows you to make any workout color.

Buy Workout complex is an excellent solution for equipping a personal area, private sector or summer cottage. Workout sites are also often found on the territory of sports clubs and children's sports and health camps. They are used to increase the popularity of sports and active lifestyles among the population, they are actively introduced into projects of city parks, city center centers or urban coastal zones.