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Sandblasting ejector cabin

The sandblasting ejector cabin is a sealed steel structure with an ejector system for forming an abrasive-air mixture and a process air filter.

- Ejector type.

- All-metal construction of the chamber with continuous welding of seams.

- Door locks and a sealant provide reliable sealing of doors.

- Double walls of doors with internal noise isolation.

- Doors are full bore, which allows you to use a fully bootable opening.

- The interchangeable inner sight glass is made of quartz glass. It is possible to cut glass yourself if replacement is necessary. Glass is covered with special armored film.

- Special long seamless gloves made of natural rubber. Prevent shock by static electricity, flexible and convenient to operate. The gloves have a smooth surface and textile lining for operator comfort. Flange diameter 200 mm, length 600 mm.

- Hopper abrasive.

- The air preparation unit, including a moisture separator, an air pressure regulator, and a manometer, is designed to improve the quality of the air supplied to the ejection gun.

- Abrasive feed control valve.

- Dust collector.

- Good LED camera lighting, eliminating the appearance of dark areas. Lamps are isolated from the working area.

- Rubber coating of internal walls.






Dimensions of the working chamber

at 1350 x 1100 x 1070 (mm)


Dustproof, vacuum, made of steel, powder coated


20 Watt


The size of the doorway is 990x1000 mm

Work gloves

Rubber wear-resistant, antistatic, lined inside

Ejection gun

Abrasive blast gun with 6.00 mm nozzle, air and suction hoses

Abrasive Recovery

When the rotor of the fan rotates, a vacuum is created, due to which, a mixture of dust and abrasive from the inner space of the working chamber enters a cyclone, in which due to centrifugal forces the abrasive particles mix to the walls of the casing and enter the conical part. A metering device is mounted in the conical part of the cyclone, thanks to which the cleaned abrasive is returned to the working process.

Dusty air passing through a fabric filter is finally cleaned and enters the workshop room.

Advantage: high cleaning performance, the result is a continuous and uniform surface cleaning, low abrasive consumption, a unit with a dust shutter.

Ventilation device

Electric motor power, 1.5 kW

Air cleaning capacity, 1500 m³ / h

Inlet pressure, 1460 Pa

Total noise, 72 dB.


Cloth filter.

The degree of purification, 95%.

Control Unit

switch (Start / Stop) for fan and lighting, compressed air pressure regulator with pressure gauge.


380 V