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HELIX technology - a universal swirl cleaning system

It is the best technological solution for cleaning when performing restoration work. Introducing the patented HELIX® SYSTEMS technology and its latest technology, the latest VORTEX technology. The meaning of this technology is that it combines the Venturi function (forms a vortex air stream) and a rotational motion system, with an increase in the area of ​​the treated surface. The production uses alloys of tungsten carbide and steel, these alloys provide very high wear resistance, even when using very hard and sharp abrasive materials. Due to the features of the technology, it is possible to achieve a 30% increase in productivity compared to ordinary systems.

  • Delicate cleaning of soft stone, marble and wood.
  • Provides the pressure of a low-pressure air-abrasive jet with a "tangential effect" on the surface being cleaned using abrasive materials: calcium carbonates, walnut shells, almandine garnet, as well as fine / ultrafine fractions of abrasives.

When applying this technology and processing historical structures of ancient / modern architecture, you can be sure that you minimize the chemical and mechanical stresses on the surface being cleaned. The most optimal mode is selected not only by adjusting the working pressure, but also by the correct selection of the abrasive and its fraction. The new design of the nozzles due to the increased area of ​​influence on the surface being machined turned out to be even more economical compared to peers, and accordingly the cost of the work performed decreased.


Technical Parameters:

  • Capacity - 25 L
  • Nozzle diameter - 6 mm
  • Nozzle Outlet Shape - Helix
  • Hose length - 10 m
  • Working pressure - from 0.2 to 8.5 bar
  • Consumption of compressed air - 500 l / min.
  • Unit weight - ~ 30 kg
  • Operating temperature range - 0 ... 50 ⁰С