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Flame spray powder coating and sandblasting services

Flame spray powder coating method

The technology allows you to work autonomously, without reference to a specific industrial area, which allows you to perform field work to renovate the protective coating or to apply it from scratch on dimensional products that cannot be painted with the traditional method in a normal powder coating area.

The equipment should be operated outdoors or in large production facilities.

This method can be used to color: large objects that cannot be dismantled; pipe lines (even at the time of their operation, including even lines for transporting combustible substances); power lines; concrete structures; the bottom of swimming pools or any other surfaces made of solid materials that are not afraid of thermal effects at 130 ° C.

Our visiting team is also provided with a mobile sandblasting system to prepare the surface for painting. Our sandblasting equipment is special, a huge cloud of dust suspension does not fly from it. In order not to form a dust cloud, a small amount of liquid is supplied with the abrasive (we use corrosion inhibitors when processing metal).

In the case of using the equipment in conditions where even the smallest amount of sand is not allowed, we use fraction and soda ash. The fraction is easy to collect, and the soda ash dissolves when it is combined with rainwater.

Shutters, fences, gates, power lines, swimming pools, blind areas, industrial floors have already been painted. Order our service for preparing and painting surfaces with a mobile team now and tomorrow we will do the work!