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Powder Coating Rims

Each car manufacturer must paint discs. Why is this done? Firstly, this measure allows you to protect the metal from the negative and sometimes harmful effects of the environment. Secondly, the paint serves as an excellent decorative element.


The powder coating of disks, offered by our company in the city of Kharkov, may be needed for two reasons:

  • you wanted to change the look of the car according to your preferences. To do this, you can change the color of the machine, use airbrushing. In order for the created design to have a complete look, powder coating of automobile rims is simply necessary;
  • over time or as a result of an accident, the paint on the discs may be damaged, therefore, require updating.

Some motorists prefer to cope with painting discs on their own. But you should never forget that only professionals and special equipment can guarantee high-quality and accurate execution of work. In addition, the powder coating of the discs has a fairly moderate price, which is fully justified by the durability and pleasant appearance of the coating.

Alloy powder coated wheels

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