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Screw compressor PA-150

Screw compressor for sandblasting unit PA-150


Model - TMB3

Power - 15 kW

Productivity - 2.4 m 3 / min

Dimensions (L x W x H) - 1980 x 950 x 1350mm

Pressure - 8/10 bar

Weight - 432 kg

The TMVZ series is a new series of popular open-type belt-driven screw compressor models. Compressors of this series are distinguished by ease of use and easy access to all parts and assemblies. The new compression unit model has significantly increased productivity. Models are available on receivers with a capacity of 500 liters in three versions.

* with a star-delta starter;

* with a soft starter;

* with a frequency control system.

Compressors of this series are successfully used to solve the problems of local supply of compressed air around the clock.

It is used to ensure the operation of pneumatic tools, packaging lines, plasma cutting of metals, in metalworking centers and machines (units), etc., using high-quality compressed air.

Reliability, ease of use and high quality of compressed air, as well as an excellent ratio of performance and energy consumption, make our compressors the most attractive supportive. The choice is yours!

The TMB3 screw compressor is equipped with the following protection:
* against excessive air pressure;
* by oil temperature;
* electric motor by current;
* from network short circuit;
* from incorrect phase sequence;
* from reverse rotation of the screw pair of the compression unit.

General parameters:

* idle power consumption - not more than 25%;
* belt drive, belt profile SPZ;
* compressed air output: pipe thread, 3 / 4 inches;
* mounting (installation) of the compressor - on any solid horizontal base.

Benefits of our screw compressors

* we create compressors equipped with the most modern automation elements and fulfill any wishes of the customer using soft starters or automatic speed control of the motor;

* maximally simplify the process of operation, repair and maintenance, solving the corresponding tasks at the design and construction stage (for example, a special tool is not required to perform maintenance);

* the cost of one cubic meter of compressed air received from our compressors is the lowest in comparison with any samples of screw compressors of domestic or foreign manufacturers;

* high efficiency in resolving issues of service, warranty and post-warranty service.

Ordering Information

Price - $ 8105.