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Piston compressor PA-35

Piston compressor for sandblasting unit PA-35


Model - TMT 890

Power - 2 x 5.5 kW

Performance - 1,560 rpm.

Receiver - 500 L

Dimensions (L x W x H) - 1970 x 600 x 1330 mm

Pressure - 10 bar

Weight - 310 kg

Tandems provide doubled output performance or redundancy, depending on usage mode.

Compressors are equipped with a remote control cabinet in which protection against overcurrent and short circuit is installed, as well as an automation system that enables the joint operation of compression units or one compression unit to choose from.

Benefits of our reciprocating compressors

* We use compression blocks from the Italian company FINI. The products of this company have the highest rating in Europe and are in high demand.

* We found good design solutions for the manufacture of reciprocating compressors, as a result of which they acquired an important quality: high maintainability - accessibility to all components and elements. Any adjustment or repair work can be done by one person.

* Our compressors are provided with any spare parts and assemblies, as well as interchangeable elements at any time in a warehouse in Kharkov.

* Our compressors are equipped with the best automation elements in Europe, which provide automatic operation.

Ordering Information

Price - $ 1750.