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AO-50 adsorption dryer

AO-50 adsorption dryer

The dehumidifier is designed to dry the air coming from the compressed air line or directly from the compressor before use in equipment for applying polymer powder coatings. Selicogel is used as an absorbent.


The unit can be used in other cases requiring air purification from moisture.


1. Inlet air pressure, MPa (kgf / cm2) 0.2-0.6 (2-6)

2. Air productivity reduced to normal conditions, m3 / h 30

3. Maximum load on the vertical holder, kg 45

4. Operating temperature, ° С 15 ... 35

5. Degree of air drying, dew point, ° С - 15

6. Dimensions: length x width x height, mm 500x600x1840

7. Weight, kg 120


The cost of the dehumidifier is $ 695 / pc.