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Infrared oven

Infrared oven for powder coating

IR ovens 

This ovens use infrared radiation for heating the product and paint. It usually use electricity as energy sources.


IR has the following advantages:

  • Decrease energy consumption by 1.5 times in comparison with electric convection ovens.
  • Chamber hasn't thermal shading.
  • It has wide range of management through flexible regulatory of emitters power.
  • Radiant shortwave emitters provides high accuracy and sensitivity of the thermal stabilization mode.
  • The wide range temperature of IR oven allows heating product to 250 °C.
Structural Materials
Material Steel sheet powder coated, inside oven is made of stainless steel
Insulation material Mineralnoe fiber 100mm
Type of heating Infrared Halogen heat lamps  

Technical description of infrared Halogen heat lamps

  • Power 1kW;
  • Voltage 220 V.