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Powder paint polymerization oven buided on the electric TENs (Convection oven)

One of the main elements of the powder coating workshop is a polymerization oven (hereinafter - PO).

Our company has accumulated rich experience in the application and design of ovens of various designs, both for our own production and for third-party customers. Having started our activities on equipment purchased from one of the leading manufacturers of such equipment in Ukraine, we have come to the need to design our own equipment that best meets our technical requirements. The presence of our own paint production (4 Maylar workshops and a shot blasting section), as well as a huge assortment of painted products, made it possible to obtain invaluable practical experience in operating PO of various designs and to use the experience gained in the design and manufacture of PO for ourselves and our customers.

The polymerization oven must meet the following requirements:

  • To provide the polymerization modes specified by the paint manufacturers - temperature and time.
  • Provide minimum temperature dispersion (gradient) throughout the entire volume of PO.
  • Provide the ability to remove polymerization products (degassing).
  • Have high thermal insulation properties to reduce the energy consumption of the oven.
  • Equipped with a logistic and ergonomically convenient transportation system

Despite the apparent simplicity, PO can significantly differ from one another both in design and heating methods.

The following main types of ovens exist:

for large-scale painting, as a rule, they are designed for the supply of painted products by conveyor systems, in one row:

  • Continuous ovens, tunnel type.
  • Continuous ovens, bell type

for small-scale and single-layer painting, it is usually provided the ability to hang painted products parts in several rows, which increases the efficiency of using the oven volume:

  • Continuous ovens, tunnel type, for clock (manual) areas of painting.
  • Dead-end ovens.

According to the heating method, the ovens are divided into the following types (basic):

  • Convective heaters
  • PO with thermo-radiation heating
  • Combined type PO

According to the type of energy used, PO are divided:

PO with heat generators operating on hydrocarbon fuel (gas, fuel oil, diesel fuel). Such ovens, in turn, are divided into two main categories:

  • PO direct heating, when the combustion products are fed into the oven.
  • PO with a heat exchange system and the removal of combustion products into the chimney.

PO working from electric networks, which are also divided into two large groups;

  • PO on TENs
  • PO on IR lamps of various radiation ranges.

To increase the uniformity of temperature in convective heating ovens, it is recommended to use recirculation of heated air. The recirculation function makes it easy to organize degassing of PO without large additional costs.

When designing (ordering) software, the method of loading ovens should also be considered:

  • hanging transport trolley,
  • suspended power railing system PROFF,
  • floor rail trolley,
  • floor trolley mounted on gutters.

When designing PO, our specialists will be able to take into account all the features of your order in order to make your production highly profitable, and the equipment convenient and easy to operate.

Currently, our company accepts orders for the manufacture of any PO design, taking into account all the features of the technical specifications.

Construction materials
Material Powder-coated steel sheet, galvanized steel inside
Insulation material 100 mm mineral fiber
Type of heating Electric TENs

Technical description of TENs

  • Power of TEN is 1 kW;
  • Voltage is 380 V.