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Conveyor paint line

Conveyor line

The line consists of: 

  • The transport system of conveyor type 
  • Curing oven 10 meters 
  • Spraying dual post camera (3 meter) 
  • Spray facility 
  • Cleaning 2-stage camera 
  • Drying 5 meters

* For 8 hour shift a team of 4 working can paint from 500 square meters.


Powder coating line


Powder coating line - a collection of high-tech equipment that is used to create a coating of powder paint. Similar designs effectively used for coloring aluminum and steel surfaces, household and medical equipment, roofing materials and sports equipment. Often these lines are made up of modules that allow you to build different versions of equipment for various industrial applications.


In the development of powder coating line are taken into account product dimensions which spraying, the number and type of material sprayed. The structure of such a line usually includes: cleaning camera or bath, with several stages of preparation of the surface; drying camera; sprayers; service unit; deposition chamber with filtration system, in which paint is applied; polymerization chamber, where the paint is melted; conveying system painted objects within the furnace. Transport system may be a manual type or an automatic drive.


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