A windmill is an alternative source of electricity


Grafix creates a mechanical wind generator that can operate at low wind speeds and compress air with virtually no loss by converting the mechanical energy of the air flow directly into compressed air.



At Grafix, engineers are working on a wind generator that compresses air using mechanical energy. Usually, to get compressed air using a wind turbine, you first need to generate electricity. The device, which is being designed by Ukrainian engineers, can convert the mechanical energy of a rotating windmill into compressed air, bypassing additional stages of energy conversion.

The efficiency of the wind generator that produces electricity does not exceed 40%. Here, according to the law of conservation of mechanical energy, all the energy of rotation of the rotor is transformed into the energy of rotation of air pistons, except for mechanical losses, which are minimal, that is, the efficiency is higher.

It is important that the device should work at any wind speed, because in Ukraine, in principle, the winds are not strong, on average not higher than 5 m/s.

Who will it be useful for?

Grafix wind turbines will come in handy in the field and in production. They will be especially effective in places where it is difficult to connect electricity and where compressed air is used – on remote farms and industrial enterprises.

How to order?

A request for a windmill can be sent to the e-mail address: grafix.in.ua@gmail.com

Contact phone number: +38 (093) 36 171 36

Or leave a request.