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Transport system

Transport system

Automatic transport system

 There are many methods of transportation of parts that meet the needs of industrial production.

 Transportation of goods is required for all coating systems. Even in industries producing goods in small quantities are required or trolley rails to transport parts from one processing stage to another. The transport system (konveer) is the means by which articles are transported through the cleaning stations, coating and heat treatment in the coating. It can also serve as a repository of workpieces when they are picked up at the facility.

 The conveyor system may transport the items of any type, size and configuration, starting from and ending car buttons.

 Variants of the transport system in the areas of coating varied. These include relatively simple manual floor trolley type "push-pull" as well as fully automated free-drive conveyor systems. You can select the pipeline that meets the performance, level of automation, floor space, and ease of maintenance. In addition, these embodiments make it possible to reduce the capital investment required to the desired level.

 The simplest method of transporting parts - manual system of "push-pull" - is best suited for small production volumes with simple needs of the production process. It is, essentially, the cheapest method of transport.

 Most often used for coating inexpensive Overhead chain conveyors and floor.

 The most flexible and sophisticated means of transport is a freely-drive conveyor. This method allows individual parts to stop or slow down, while the rest of the conveyor continues to move. Available-drive conveyor can also be constructed with numerous protrusions to facilitate loading or unloading parts, operational processing that meets the requirements of production. In addition, the construction of such a pipeline may provide for the accumulation, storage and distribution details. Available-drive conveyor is a convenient flexible means of transport products for coating stations with a capacity component of hundreds of transactions per hour. However, all this flexibility of design and throughput are achieved due to a significant increase in price, making this method of conveying items is very costly.