Jet cleaning camera

Камера подготовки поверхности

When you create or reconstruction of the color powder coatings is necessary, first of all, the choice of technology and the method of surface preparation to painting products. There are mechanical and chemical methods of surface preparation. Mechanical methods have limitations in application, this is due to the fact that a mechanical method is possible to remove only the surface layer of corrosion, when a large amount remains untouched corrosion centers in the pores of the metal and the hard-to-field processing.

Chemical surface preparation methods are more effective, and often more cost effective, since they allow to handle products of any shape and complexity easy to automate and provide high quality surface painted products, while significantly decreasing the human impact on the quality of treatment.

Full chemical preparation includes thorough cleaning of the surface and the formation of its high conversion layer. Depending on the type of chemicals used can be formed on the metal chromate or phosphate conversion layers.

Conversion layer being intermediate between the metal surface and paint coating provides improved adhesion of LCP due to chemical and physical bonds as well as additional protection against corrosion.


Below is a list of all steps in chemical surface preparation:

  • degreasing;
  • flushing;
  • deoxidation;
  • flushing;
  • applying the conversion layer;
  • flushing;
  • flushing with demineralized water;
  • passivation;
  • drying.

Since not every production can afford a complete cycle of preparation for economic reasons is possible to use a limited cycle of preparation, in which use a combination of surface preparation using both mechanical (stripping), manual degreasing and chemical processing:  


  • degreasing and applying the conversion layer;
  • flushing;

This means that you need only two cameras. There are complex chemical solutions allow applied conversion layer to the ferrous metals and aluminum alloys.

We can offer our customers the preparation chamber both flow and dead-end type, which uses the jet method of spraying. Camera equipped with a sink and phosphatising automatic time control processing, control the level of solutions in tanks, temperature control solutions, respectively, and heating system working solutions.

In each case, we can provide different ways to create low-waste technology of surface preparation. Select the desired wastewater treatment technology or regeneration is determined by developers in conjunction with the customer equipment.

The choice of surface preparation technology - organization responsible stage of the painting works cause it largely determines the quality of the future PC and paint should be done by a qualified technician. Only such an approach can provide high quality PC and the remaining life of the product.

Cameras are made of corrosion-resistant materials.

Use a reliable Italian pumps.


Models The internal dimensions of the chamber (mm) Power (kW) Price $
Length Width Height
СС1 1000 500 1500 15 4000
СС2 2000 500 1500 15 6000
СС3 3000 500 1500 15 8000
СС4 4000 500 1500 15 10000
СС5 5000 500 1500 15 12000
СС6 6000 500 1500 15 14000