on cyclone

Camera spraying powder paint cyclones

CS + cyclone

Color camera allows you to restrict the area spraying of powder coatings on the product and create the working area air currents meet sanitary standards.

Body spray booth consists of a base plate of the shell plates.

Depending on the version, the camera has one or two job openings (for painters) and two boot. The location of work openings - Valet.

Type of camera - a checkpoint.

The camera is designed to fit the transport system suspended type, with independent parallel paths for moving the carts with the piece to be coated with the place of loading in the chamber and into the curing oven.

Along the edges of the working apertures mounted lamps, sockets for paint guns, filter regulators compressed air.

Camera models spraying Count. posts TYPE The internal dimensions of the chamber (мм) Power (kW) Price ($)
Length Width Height
CS1PC 2 Pass 2000 1000 1500 4 4500
CS2PC 2 Pass 2500 1000 1500 5,5 5000
CS2PC 2 Pass 3000 1000 1500 7 6000


Powder paint chambers