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Tribo manual powder gun

Распылитель трибостатический




  • pneumopistol;
  • tank for paint 0.5kg;
  • trunk spray

Tribo spraying apparatus is designed for applying the polymer coating on the surface of complex shapes (angles, bends, pipe, grid and wire construction and hidden surface) and a simple shape (plane). It's most useful when you working with small lots, with small products, with large-sized products and products with high demands on purity and uniformity of the coating.


Simplicity of design sprayer determines its high performance:  


  • Resistant to mechanical stress (damage).
  • Easy and complete disassembly sprayer (fast removal of debris and rapid change in the paint).  
  • Easy to control the quality and quantity (deposition rate).  
  • The presence of one feedpipe (hose) with unlimited length determine the high mobility sprayer.  
  • No electrical elements
Names of parameters Unit
Nominal Performance m2/min 1-2.5
Air pressure Mpa 0,1-0,25
Air flow, no more m3/ h 3
Weight sprayer with tribo trunk, no more than kg 0,6
The specific charge of powder paint Coulomb/g 3