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Convection oven for powder coating

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One of the main elements of powder coating plant is curing oven (hereinafter - PP).

    In our company has accumulated rich experience in the application and design of furnaces of various designs, both for their own production, as well as for other customers. Having started its operations on the equipment purchased by one of the leading manufacturers of such equipment in Ukraine, we found it necessary to design their own equipment more fully meet our production needs. Having our own production of a spray, as well as a huge range of painted products yielded valuable practical experience in operating PP different designs and use the experience gained in the design and manufacture of PP for ourselves and our clients.

    PP must meet the following requirements;

1) Provide specified manufacturers of paints polymerization regimes - temperature and time.

2) Ensure the minimum variation (gradient) temperature around obemu PP.

3) To provide an opportunity to remove the products of polymerization (degassing).

4) Have a high thermal insulation properties to reduce energy consumption of the furnace.

    Despite the apparent simplicity, the PP may differ significantly from one another both in the design and methods of heating.

    Here are the main types of furnaces;

1) Furnaces-through tunnel.

2) communicating furnaces, type "bell"

3) Furnaces communicating with doors.

4) Furnaces dead-end type.

    PP number 1 and 2 are used for high-volume color and usually designed to supply painted products conveyor lines in a row.

    PP number 2 and 4 are used for small-scale unit and painting, and usually include the possibility hang paintable product details in several rows, which increases the efficiency of the furnace volume.

    By the method of heating furnaces are divided into the following types (basic):

1) PP with convective heating

2) PP with radiative heating

3) PP combined type

    According to the type of energy used divided PP:

1) PP with heat generators running on hydrocarbon fuels (gas, oil, diesel fuel). Such furnaces are in turn divided into two main categories;

a) PP direct heating, when combustion products are fed into the furnace

b) PP with heat exchange system and discharge of combustion products.

2) PP-operated electrical networks, which are also divided into two groups;

a) PP on TEN-ah

b) PP IR lamps of different emission range.

    To improve temperature uniformity in a heating furnace with a convection recommended recirculation of heated air. Recirculation function makes it easy to organize PP degassing without large additional costs.

    When designing (order) PP should also consider the method of loading furnaces;

- Upper transport system

- Lower transport system

- Transport vehicle.

    PP designing our experts can take into account all the features of your order that would make your highly profitable production and equipment convenient and easy to use.

    At present, our company takes orders for any construction on the PP.

materials of Construction 
Material Sheet steel, powder coated, the inner part is made of galvanized steel
Insulating material Mineralnoe fiber thickness of 100 mm
Type of heating Electric heating spirals

Technical description of the resistors

  • Tena 1kW power; 
  • Voltage of 220 V.


furnace models Internal dimensions furnaces (mm) Power (kW) Price START ($) Price PROF ($)
length width height
PPT15 1500 1100 1900 15 3500 4500
PPT21 2000 1100 1900 21 4500 5500
PPT27 2500 1100 1900 27 5500 6500
PPT33 3000 1100 1900 33 6500 7500
PPT39 3500 1100 1900 39 7500 8500
PPT45 4000 1100 1900 45 8500 9500
PPT51 4500 1100 1900 51 9500 10500
PPT57 5000 1100 1900 57 10500 11500
PPT63 6000 1100 1900 63 11500 12500
PPT75 7000 1100 1900 75 12500 13500