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 Equipment for polymer decoration


 Our company has successfully mastered the art of decorating polymer metal on their own equipment. The historical roots of painting with the effect of the tree go to opera music and tasty food - Italy. There it was invented half a century ago.

Technology decorating aluminum involves several steps:

- Preparation of the metal surface

- Powder coating using special paints

- Sublimation of the picture on the product

Let us consider the last stage in more detail. To a painted surface pressed membrane with a pattern by the vacuum. This process is performed on a vacuum table. We produce tables for flat parts and profile. Profile is packaged in "stockings" of the membrane and plane is placed on the table-suitcase. After the items are placed in the oven at a certain time and temperature. Oven can be used the same as in the baking of the powder paint. Often used specialized oven. For decorating metal by sublimation thermal transfer use: vacuum table and installation, oven decoration. Order our products and the beauty and quality of your products will be at the European level.

 The set of equipment:

№  Product name Nr, pc
1 Oven for decorating 18 kW 1
2 Vacuumised table for 8 profiles 2
3 Vacuum station 1